Hearing & Heeding Your Hungers

Pay attention to your body’s signals, address emotional eating, cope without using food, and stop the deprivation cycle of dieting.

The implications go far beyond weight management. You will begin to trust yourself again, paying attention to what you need.


shutterstock_176915612You will learn to:

 Address the barriers that block you

Eat Mindfully (recently featured on the NBC News and in the Wall Street Journal)

Trust of your intuition, your inner knowing

Put Balance into (or back into) your life

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Alternative ways to nurture yourself besides eating

Acceptance of all your “hungers” and feelings without running away from them or suppressing them

How to address those in your life who may be obstacles to your goals

Exercise strategies

Nutrition nuggets

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The Hearing & Heeding your Hungers … a diet liberation course includes 11 Videos, a Mindful Eating CD and Workbook.

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