Mindful Eating

How Do You Eat?

Do you eat fast, not focusing on what you are eating?  

If you eat quickly with little attention to your food, you are more likely to have unconscious,  incomplete eating experiences. This means that you probably are not focusing well on what you are eating, maybe putting more food into your mouth before the bite that is in there is completely chewed or swallowed, maybe eating so fast you can’t even remember what you ate. You are not having the fullest experience of eating.  You are not enjoying it like you could.  Is this also how you are living your life…focusing on what comes next while you are in the middle of doing something right now or not paying attention to what you are doing and then not remembering blocks of time?

We are looking to have a full and complete experience of our life and our eating. Mindful eating will help.

Mindfulness is

A state of being aware or watchful.
Some call it being ‘in the moment’ or being “present”.
We apply intention when we are mindful.
We recall, recognize, consider, discriminate, observe, and register information when we are mindful (it is not passive).


Use this mindful eating exercise for a few meals to slow down and savor your food

Mindful Eating Exercise  

Research about Mindful Eating

  • Duke University and Indiana State University demonstrated that mindful eating reduced binging and improved insulin resistance.
  • A recent article in the Wall Street Journal featured mindful eating and even convinced the reporter of its benefits
  • A study published in 2008 looked at over 3000 people in 2 communities in Japan. The researchers found that eating quickly (regardless of how much you eat) is associated with individuals who are overweight. Understand that, 2 people can eat the same food. The one who eats faster is much more likely to be overweight.  Eating fast appears to be related to insulin resistance in this non-obese population.


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