Dr Herring Session 1

Dr Jaclyn HerringThis initial session will help you determine where you are in the Stages of Change.  Learn something about your Unconscious Motivations.  Outline your new Goals and Motivations.

 The first hour long video and worksheets are free.

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This program is intended for educational purposes, to provide accurate general information in regard to the subject matter covered and is not intended as a psychological, nutritional or medical guide. The author is not providing any psychological, nutritional or medical assessment, individual treatment interventions or psychological advice.  The ideas, procedures and recommendations contained in this program are not intended as a replacement for consulting with a psychological or medical professional.  This program is not a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your psychological or medical professional or meant to replace or conflict with the advice given to you by your psychological or medical professional.  Discuss the use of this program with your health provider before initiating the program.   If you have been diagnosed with or treated for an eating disorder or believe or suspect that you have a eating disorder or medical problem, this program is not intended to address these issues.  Seek skilled psychological and medical consultation.
Throughout this program, I have used examples of individuals to demonstrate stages, procedures and recommendations.  All names and identifying information of any person referred to in this program have been changed to protect their privacy.


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